Yes! I want to support Steve Pennington leading the FaithKidz project in 2022 and beyond!

Help Us Continue to equip, encourage, and create!

Yes! I want to support Steve Pennington leading the FaithKidz project in 2022 and beyond! image




Help Us Continue to equip, encourage, and create!

Partner with NDE, Steve & the FaithKidz Project.

The vision is to equip and train leaders to tell the story of God to the next generation. Just a little over 3 years ago, with your help, we launched faithkidz ministries. So much has happened since that day. We have presented workshops and resources to hundreds of kid ministries leaders. We have given more than 40 thousand dollars in scholarships to university students. Created more than 40 weeks of fantastic curriculum. And then, when covid hit, we produced the first-ever online global Vacation Bible School connecting more than 2000 churches across 167 nations. WOW VBS was translated into 5 different languages and continues to find its way into China and other challenging to reach world areas.
And now today, here we stand in this new normal post covid world, and the ground on which we minister to children has shifted. Children are experiencing post covid trauma, Church attendance has decreased, and how we tell the story of God to the next generation must quickly adapt.
That’s why this summer, we are launching the FaithKidz global network. Church leaders from around the world will be able to connect their children’s ministries to weekly curriculum, family resources, online training, and more.
For more than 40 years, I have given my life to creating and producing Bible-based content for families. During this time, I produced the largest and most successful Public school assembly program in America, reaching thousands of Elementary schools and millions of families. My efforts in children’s television have earned multiple Emmy awards. In addition, I have written and directed shows for major American theme parks. I have served in children’s ministry roles in 3 incredible churches.
The success of these years has taught me how to do more for less to generate creative content that connects with kids. I have learned how to produce curriculums at a fraction of the cost. Videos programs typically cost several thousand dollars or more with your help, we can produce for a fraction. I can do that because I have had access to free resources of New studio, equipment, editing, and more. Because of these many blessings, we plan to launch the FaithKidz Network and then give it away. Many churches here in America limited budgets, not to mention churches worldwide. My goal is to gift these resources so that we can help everyone. It will be totally based on donations. This is where you can help.
Our goal for 2022 is to raise $120,000. This will put us on track to launch the Faithkidz Network this summer. We have already raised almost half of our goals through projects and services.
Recently, I had lunch with one of my closest friends, and he said that most of all, his desire was to be a part of significant things. To give his life to the things that can really make a difference. That is what drives my heart, and I am sure the same is for you. When I was on staff at Saddleback Church. Rick Warren would often say that “Christianity is only one generation away from extinction.” Those words are more accurate than ever before. We know that more than 80% of people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior before 13. That’s is why I believe that children’s ministry is the most important place to spend our resources. I know that telling the story of God to the next generation is our charge.

Thank you for teaming up with faithkidz to help children’s ministries worldwide.

Until They All Know,